Divorcing without conflict

We’re separating

Who is this support for?

  • You’re separating and you don’t want to add needless suffering to the process
  • You’d like to avoid long and costly court proceedings
  • You want to be heard, respected and understood
  • You want things to be done well and efficiently
  • You want everything to be handled for the whole process
  • You want to remain good parents and protect your children

For what results?

  • Your separation will be handled in the quickest, most serene and respectful way as well as costing 3 to 5 times less than the classic court proceedings
  • You’ll leave with a clear written agreement that will cover all aspects of the separation taking into account your needs : division of the joint belongings, financial contribution, parental authority, custody of the children, etc.
  • If you are married, we’ll be there from A to Z : We will write up the request for divorce by mutual consent and will remain available until the end of the procedure if there are any questions
  • You’ll have new and concrete ways of functioning and communicating that will make your life easier
  • Despite the separation, you’ll remain good parents to your children
  • Since we take care of everything, a weight is lifted from your shoulders and you can consider the future with peace of mind

The support in concrete terms

  • Working sessions of 1h30 each (between 3 and 6 sessions on average) with Valérie and Yves to come to agreements and deals on every element of the separation.
  • Your own written separation agreement or the written agreement of divorce by mutual consent, which includes all issues hereto related (the agreement is accounted for separately and costs 350€ per person).
  • The official request for divorce by mutual consent in the case you are married.
  • Access to an exclusive portal of resources to help prepare each session including videos, tutorials, files, tips and practical information on each of the following themes :
    • The shock of separation
    • How to tell the children
    • What is mediation?
    • The steps of the process
    • Grieving
    • Self-care
    • Children’s needs
    • Parental authority
    • Children’s custody
    • Budgeting for the children and the parents
    • Food contribution for the children
    • Alimony between ex-spouses
    • The how-tos of separating
    • How to introduce a new partner
    • How to communicate well between ex-spouses.
  • Access to a network of experts and quality referrals who share the same work philosophy as we do.
  • Online assistance if you have any difficulties during the procedure.

Price per session of 1h30: 125€ per person

What our clients say about it

You gave me the tools to get through what are probably the most complicated moments I have ever experienced. You supported me by always being clear, by teaching me to listen, to distance myself, to control myself, and this was not easy.
You were also always available when I was questioning and you knew how to remain rational when the emotions overwhelmed us.
Thank you both. Your humour and empathy warm my heart.


I think that the work we did with you bore fruit during the negotiation but also and especially now that things are clear. Jean-Luc and I are able to talk calmly about our children's education and even if the relationship still brings a few storms at times, I feel calmed and confident for my children's future. You are doing a very difficult job. I found empathy in you, I appreciated your calm and your support.


From the start, I appreciated your kindness, your listening skills, your empathy for each of us and your efficiency in solving this financial and tax imbroglio.
We had recently separated and I was confronted with my husband's sadness and anger. My expectation was to keep a certain serenity and avoid conflict. Thanks to Valérie and Yves, the bond was never broken and we were able to sign an agreement accepted by both parties.


Yves and Valérie provided invaluable support during our recent divorce negotiations. Although my ex did not at first want a divorce, Yves and Valérie skillfully mediated our discussions, helped clarify our options and ultimately helped us align. The atmosphere, around sometimes difficult discussions, was always calm, constructive and supportive. We were able to come to a “divorce by mutual agreement”, avoiding legal battles and maintaining mutual respect throughout the process.


What I appreciated most about Valérie and Yves' coaching is that they helped us better communicate. They understood where our differences came from and managed to settle a middle ground, while respecting each other needs and differences. After 6 sessions, we found a fair agreement.
Today I am convinced that if my ex-wife and I have a very good understanding, it is largely thanks to the help of Valérie and Yves.


CoMediation is a “no-brainer” for all couples in difficult circumstances. Faster, cheaper, less pain. It offers a fairer and less painful path than all other “solutions”. It wasn't easy but I am convinced that in the long-term it was the right thing. In addition, it took us only 4 months to sort out all substantial details of our divorce - as opposed to 1-4 years before the courts.


I wanted to thank you for the work you have done.
The draft agreement has been reviewed by two lawyers and a notary, all three of whom are full of praise for the quality of your work.


Thank you for your quick and efficient help with regards to our separation.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support along this wild roller coaster winding road. Take care of yourself and continue to help couples, your CoMediation is fantastic and effective! And I mean it.


Have you decided to do everything possible for a divorce without conflict ?

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