Divorcing without conflict

We’re separating

Who is this package for ?

  • You’re separating and you don’t want to add needless suffering to the process
  • You’d like to avoid long and costly court proceedings
  • You want to be heard, respected and understood
  • You want things to be done well and efficiently
  • You want everything to be handled for the whole process
  • You want to remain good parents and protect the children

What results can we expect ?

  • Your separation will be handled in the quickest, most serene and respectful way as well as costing 3 to 5 times less than the classic court proceedings
  • You’ll leave with a clear written agreement that will cover all aspects of the separation taking into account your needs : division of the joint belongings, financial contribution, parental authority, custody of the children, etc.
  • If you are married, we’ll be there from A to Z : We will write up the request for divorce by mutual consent and will remain available until the end of the procedure if there are any questions
  • You’ll have new and concrete ways of functioning and communicating that will make your life easier
  • Despite the separation, you’ll remain good parents to your children
  • Since we take care of everything, a weight is lifted from your shoulders and you can consider the future with peace of mind

What does this package include ?

  • 6 sessions of 1.5 hour with Valérie and Yves to come to agreements and deals on every element of the separation
  • Your own written separation agreement (or the written request for divorce by mutual consent) which includes all the points of the separation agreement
  • The officiel request for divorce by mutual consent in the case you are married
  • Access to an exclusive portal of resources to help prepare each session including videos, tutorials, files, tips and practical information on each of the following themes :
    • The shock of separation
    • How to tell the children
    • What is mediation?
    • The steps of the process
    • Grieving
    • Self-care
    • Children’s needs
    • Parental authority
    • Children’s custody
    • Budgeting for the children and the parents
    • Food contribution for the children
    • Alimony between ex-spouses
    • The how-tos of separating
    • How to introduce a new partner
    • How to communicate well between ex-spouses
  • Access to a network of experts and quality referrals who share the same work philosophy as we do
  • Online assistance if you have any difficulties during the procedure

Rates per person

Divorce without conflict

Support over 4 months


4 monthly payments of 325 € (Total 1.300€)

We do everything possible to reach a global agreement at the end of the 6 sessions. If additional sessions were to be necessary, a 1h30 session costs 150€ per person. If you stop the mediation in the course of the process, the payments made are not refundable.

Have you decided to do everything possible for a divorce without conflict ?

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