For couples who are going
through tough times
and want to find solutions


For couples
who want to rediscover
their relationship


For couples
who want to separate
without hurting each other

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We are Valérie Claeys and Yves Dinsart, mediators and couples coaches. Together, we support couples having difficulties.

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In your relationship, things aren’t great at the moment…

You’re not sure in which direction you’re going and you’d like to pause and reflect to find clarity.

You want the relationship to continue but things need to change.

You’ve decided to separate and you’d like it to go as smoothly as possible for you and your children.

Whatever the difficulties your relationship is going through, we’ll help you find solutions.

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Marie-Claire and I want to thank you for the long road we took, with as much serenity as possible thanks to you, it wasn’t easy for us. Thank you again for helping us along the way to finding the path to a separation-divorce where we remained respectful of one another.

Michel G.

Yves and Valérie provided invaluable support during my recent divorce negotiations. Although my ex did not at first want a divorce, Yves and Valérie skillfully mediated our discussions, helped clarify our options and ultimately helped us align. The atmosphere, around sometimes difficult discussions, was always calm, constructive and supportive. We were ultimately able to come to a "divorce by mutual agreement", avoiding legal battles and maintaining mutual respect throughout the process. This was a top priority for both of us for the sake of our children.

Nina T.

Dear Valérie and Yves, Today, Hubert and I feel free, and free of frustrations, and we’ve grown. You accompanied us on our way and were instrumental in some of our realisations. We thank you for the kindness you showed us.

Patricia de C.

I believe the work we undertook with you really paid off during the negotiations but also and mostly, now we see things a lot more clearly. Jean-Luc and I are able to talk calmly about our children’s education and even if our current relationship if sometimes still bumpy, I feel peaceful and confident regarding our children’s future. You have a difficult job. I felt you had a lot of empathy and I appreciated your calm and your support.

Laurence D.

After having arrived at the conclusion that we couldn’t get our relationship back on track after couples therapy, we asked ourselves “How could we separate peacefully ?” What I appreciated the most about Valérie and Yves’ support is the fact that they helped with communication, that they could tell when something didn’t suit one of us, and they confronted the discord with a lot of calm and kindness and respect for us both. Today, I’m convinced that if my ex-wife and I still get along so well, it’s in part thanks to the help that Valérie and Yves gave us in discussing all aspects of the separation, without taboo and with a lot of esteem and attention.

Cédric A.

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