The annual check-up

We do the annual review of our relationship

Who is this support for?

You get absorbed in your everyday life and realize you give little attention to your relationship, which you want to put back at the center.

You want a rekindling of feelings of mutual love and respect for a more fulfilling relationship.

You understand that for a relationship to last, it must be maintained regularly.

For what results?

  • You take a snapshot of your relationship to see together what works well and what you want to reinvest in.
  • You become aware of what makes your partner happy and what nourishes you as a couple.
  • You identify ways to anticipate their wants and needs, and want to fulfill them.
  • You choose 3 goals for the coming year as a couple.
  • You leave with concrete tools to be sure to implement your good resolutions.
  • You will give a fresh beginning to your life as a couple.

The support in concrete terms

  • An annual check-up questionnaire to evaluate the current state of the your couple in its various components.
  • A series of qualitative questions to help you identify your needs.
  • 1 working session of 1h30 with Valerie and Yves to debrief and make concrete progress.

Price for the coaching: 95 € per person

What our clients say about it

We really enjoyed taking this moment to reflect on our relationship. It allowed us to get updated on each other's needs and wants, but also notice the things that work, and connect us. Which often we fail to see. It gave us a boost. So we decided to give ourselves this moment every year.


I wouldn't have believed that a simple check-up would do us so much good. We were able to say important things to each other again and make some good resolutions to work on. Valerie and Yves gave us some very useful tools. A real boost for our relationship.


It’s crazy how we get sucked up in everyday life. I realized that if I wanted our relationship to continue to flourish in the long term, I had to give it time. I came out of these sessions with a new energy and ideas to nourish our couple. Thank you Valérie and Yves.


Ready for the annual review of your relationship?

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