Re-inventing your relationship

Let’s get our relationship back on track

Who is this package for ?

You want to stay together but…

  • You can no longer communicate
  • You can’t find a healthy balance in your relationship anymore
  • When you talk about money, it often ends in an argument
  • Apart from the children, you no longer have any projects as a couple
  • There are fewer intimate moments
  • Day-to-day life as a stepfamily is complicated
  • The relationship is in trouble because of infidelity
  • You keep fighting about everything

You can no longer solve your issues without a third-party intervention but you do not wish to opt for couples therapy.

We propose an alternative : couples mediation

What results can we expect ?

  • Better express your needs
  • Be aware of what belongs to you
  • Better understand how your relationship works
  • Identify your common resources
  • Rapidly start making lasting changes
  • Revitalise your marital goals and projects
  • Reconnect and embrace fulfilment in your relationship again

What does this package include ?

  • 5 sessions of 1.5 hour with Valérie and Yves to identify and resolve issues
  • Tools to help you make progress between sessions, namely :
    • Identifying where frustrations lie
    • Learn to communicate differently
    • Express requests rather than criticism
    • Be aware of the “love language” that you use
    • Break the infernal circle of emotional dependence
    • Learn to argue healthily
  • Tasks to accomplish between sessions to experiment with new ways of functioning as a couple.

Rate per person

Re-inventing your relationship

Support over 4 months


4 monthly payments of 125 € (Total 500€)

If additional sessions were to be necessary, a 1h30 session costs 90€ per person.

Are you ready to get your relationship back on track?

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