Re-inventing your relationship

Let’s get our relationship back on track

Who is this support for?

You want to stay together but…

  • You can no longer communicate
  • You can’t find a healthy balance in your relationship anymore
  • When you talk about money, it often ends in an argument
  • Apart from the children, you no longer have any projects as a couple
  • There are fewer intimate moments
  • Day-to-day life as a stepfamily is complicated
  • The relationship is in trouble because of infidelity
  • You keep fighting about everything

You can no longer solve your issues without a third-party intervention but you do not wish to opt for a long-term couple therapy.

We propose a concrete alternative with quick results : couple mediation.

For what results?

  • Better express your needs
  • Be aware of what belongs to you
  • Better understand how your relationship works
  • Identify your common resources
  • Rapidly start making lasting changes
  • Revitalise your marital goals and projects
  • Reconnect and embrace fulfilment in your relationship again

The support in concrete terms

  • Working sessions of 1h30 each (between 4 and 6 sessions on average) with Valérie and Yves to identify and resolve issues.
  • Exclusive tools to help you make progress between sessions, namely:
    • Identifying where frustrations lie
    • Learn to communicate differently
    • Express requests rather than criticism
    • Be aware of the “love language” that you use
    • Break the infernal circle of emotional dependence
    • Learn to argue healthily
  • Tasks to accomplish between sessions to experiment with new ways of functioning as a couple.

Price per session of 1h30: 95€ per person

What our clients say about it

Without hesitation, go for it! It will help find solutions to your conflicts. We opened a door which allowed us to open new perspectives.
Two mediators who listen, who are pleasant, efficient, I might even say... adorable.
The investment is worth it. It is guaranteed! You will come out there feeling lighter, calmer and more secure. With a greater understanding of yourself, of your relationship, of your interactions and above all, finding actionable and concrete solutions.


After 20 years of marriage, we experienced a huge crisis that led to a temporary separation. We are slowly recovering, by applying the good advice given by Valérie and Yves. Since then, I have been learning and trying to express clearly what I feel... We are setting up some quality time together… We are now equipped to take care of our couple. We wanted to revive our relationship, CoMediation guided us well...


Your support makes me feel good, I feel supported in our approach by your analysis and wise advice. Your natural benevolence and empathy really helped us a lot. We became aware of certain things that were happening inside us and realized we can do something about it. This felt terribly reassuring and also very enriching. I feel re-boosted to continue to take up this challenge.


We came to see you after a crisis triggered by a female friend of my husband, which was causing me a lot of pain. We were able to talk about things that had been affecting us for a long time, without acrimony, and to listen to each other with respect, which allowed our love, which had been dormant for a long time in our daily lives, to be reborn. Your attentive listening and your interventions, always fair and objective, your anchoring in the concrete while getting to the bottom of things, helped us a lot.


Are you ready to get your relationship back on track?

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